Saturday, 26 May 2012

Hi All,

Though my short story "From the Bottom to the Top" has been accepted into the Smashwords Premium Catologue, they take a week in some cases; and as much as two weeks in the case of Amazon Kindle, Apple, Barnes and Noble etc to be published on their sites.

However, I am pleased to tell you Kobo Books have made my Short Story available on their web site at:

Let's not forget you can also purchase "From the Bottom to the Top" at Smashwords and is available in every format for your PC, Laptop, Kindle, Touch Pad, Cell phone, Android. On this Smashwords link, you will find the format you are looking for, for immediate download.

Please don't get me mixed up with Mr Peter Cole, an Author of a book with the same name. Just complete coincidence.

I will update at anytime I get more news of where my Short Story is published, so please check back. Also, leave a comment if you wish.

Wishing you great abundance in Wealth Health and Happiness.

In Love and Honesty

James Hamilton-Heenan

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Hi All,

This is my first post on this Blog. It is my Pleasure to Introduce You to my New Digital Book "From the Bottom to the Top."

This Post is dated 6th May 2012, and  in 7 days, or maybe a little longer, you will find "From the Bottom to the Top" on Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble, Apple iPad, Google Android and more...Becoming available all round the World.

Meanwhile, at the Smashwords website "From the Bottom to the Top" is available for download in all formats for: Kindle, Apple iPad, Google Android, Cell phones and, yet again, too many others to mention. However, You will find out All you need to know by Clicking on the Following link:

Remember to Check back for New Updates.

I sincerely wish you ALL great abundance of Love, Health, Wealth and happiness. To become self-leaders, value creators and to have, be or do anything your heart desires!

Love to you ALL and please leave a comment if you so wish.

In Love and Honesty,